Gwangju assists Gov to Dilate AI Industry
Gwangju assists Gov to Dilate AI Industry
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Moon proclaims AI Gov at Debut 2019
City signs on Treaties with Related Orgs.
이용섭 광주시장이 최근 김대중컨벤션센터 4층 다목적홀에서 열린 ‘제1회 대한민국 AI클러스터 포럼’에 참석자들과 함께 기념촬영을 하고 있다. ©AI타임스
이용섭 광주시장이 최근 김대중컨벤션센터 4층 다목적홀에서 열린 ‘제1회 대한민국 AI클러스터 포럼’에 참석자들과 함께 기념촬영을 하고 있다. ©AI타임스


(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) City of Gwangju is speeding up on the creation as become the center of Artificial Intelligence. This movement started right after the President Moon Jae-in said on Oct. 28th at “Debut 2019” event – where all AI start-ups exchanged their technologies – that he will make his government as “Artificial Government” and “will present the national strategy regarding it by end of the year”.

On Oct. 28th at the conference room of Gwangju Techno Park, Gwangju signed four-way agreement with the Institute for Information and Communications Technology, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, and Gwangju Techo Park to create the city as successful AI city and foster the nation’s AI industry.

The main contents of the agreements are ▲Establish a joint-development for foster AI industry and develop/research infrastructure for the AI industries in Gwangju ▲Commercialize AI products and support the related corporates ▲Dispatch professional personnel to promote AI business field ▲Other business cooperation on AI forum, seminar, or panel discussions.

Mayor Lee Yong-seop said, “establishing a cooperative system with government-affiliated R&D agencies will be a major driving force for Gwangju to become an AI hub” And he added, “following the President’s vision on national strategy for AI, I expect to speed up to construct our city as reprehensive AI.”

On the same day afternoon, an event called ‘2019 Gwangju Technology Commercialization –Weekend Technology, Start-up and Investment was held at Gwangju Innopolis Center. There were about 200 people from companies involved in technology commercialization including the City Mayor Lee, Vice Minister of Science Technology Information and Communication Moon Mi-ok, Director of Gwangju-Jeonnam Venture Business Administration Kim Moon-hwan.

The event was started by an agreement ceremony of TDL Corporation to celebrate the successful investment of 7.2 billion won. Next was the introduction of the U-start up Sauna, the weekly declaration ceremony for Technology Commercialization, and a tour of Exhibition Halls. Now 35 institutes – including Gwangju Technological Holdings, Gwangju Creative Economy Innovative Center, Innopolis Foundation, Gwangju Techno-Park, and Gwangju Science & Technology Promotion Agency – which are related to technology start-ups in Gwangju, running 20 various programs and providing commercialized technological information to the public.

The major weekly program for Technology Commercialization are ▲Presentation for integrated technology, Symposium for Aactivation of Soft Power and Special Sphere ▲Start-Up Academy for Youth, General Start-Up Academy, Start-up Forum Roadshow, AI&IoT MAKE-A-THON contest, Gwangju Good Job Festival, ▲FunFun Investment, an event to share the knowledge of strategic performance for start-up groups on Hydrogen Industries.

/written by Hyesub Park  

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