Gwangju Opens ‘Healthcare Robot Empirical Center’ Based on AI
Gwangju Opens ‘Healthcare Robot Empirical Center’ Based on AI
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First robot testing center for healthcare services in the nation
Had opening ceremony at Gwangju Techno Park on Nov. 7th
Expects to revitalize robots and medical eqpt. companies
Evaluates safety & commercialization for robots, and high quality medical services

(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) For the first time in the nation, the AI-based Health Care Robot Empirical Center that will lead the aging society and the future medical industry, launched on Nov. 7th in the city of Gwangju.

For the opening ceremony at Gwangju Techno Park Complex 2, about 200 related persons were attended including the city mayor Lee Yong-seop, the head of city council Kim Dong-chan, the chief of northern district office Moon In, the director of Mechanical Robot Division at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Hwang Byeong-so.

The Health Care Robot Empirical Center will support to evaluate robots’ safety and commercialization. It will also support to build higher quality of medical services.

Back in 2015, Gwangju was selected for the development of industrial technology foundation of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. In December 2017, it began the construction.

27.8 billion won, including 18 billion won in state and 6.5 billion won in local expenses, was spent on building construction and equipment.

The center has 6,600 square meters of land and a floor space of 3,345 square meters, providing space to support performance tests, reliability evaluations, safety evaluations and clinical trials.

The center will evaluate the performance, safety and reliability of healthcare robots developed by businesses, research institutes and universities, and provide one-stop services such as demonstration tests for healthcare robots, performance evaluations, product certification and licensing support.

Gwangju-city expects that this center will reduce inconvenience for businesses that have been visiting other local health care institutions to obtain device validation and certification.

Also the city forecasts that health care-related medical institutions such as senior nursing homes will also benefit by diversifying health care robot products.

There are more than 300 companies in Gwangju that are related to health care robots and medical devices.

City Mayor Lee Yong-seop said, “In this super-aged society, our interest is shifting from ‘living in old age’ to ‘living in good health’.” Then he added, “We have great expectations to the center for demonstrate health care robots that will provide high quality medical services and support healthcare robot companies in Gwangju.”

Also he emphasized, “Through launching the center, related industries such as robot evaluation equipment and clinical trial support equipment have gained new momentum for innovative growth.” Finally he added, “Now another chapter has been set up to attract advanced medical technology in Gwangju.”

/written by Hye-sub Park

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