[AI Experiment and Challenges of H.I.S. CO. in Japan] (3) Experts “AI will lead future competitive”
[AI Experiment and Challenges of H.I.S. CO. in Japan] (3) Experts “AI will lead future competitive”
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Experts "building infrastructure is the key to success in AI Industry"
Henn na Cafe. ©AI타임스
Henn na Cafe. ©AI타임스


(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) When Henn na Hotel was listed in the World Guinness Book of Records as the world’s first robot hotel, it was expected to be a door-open to bright future of Japanese AI industry. However, within the guests complain towards to its’ services by robots, H.I.S. made a detour its’ plan to withdraw robots. Also Henn na Café has been experiencing business depression.

Hence experts point out that technical supplementation and collecting data would prevent excessive expansion.

Professor James Randy Moulic. ©AI타임스
Professor James Randy Moulic. ©AI타임스


At the 1st Korea Artificial Intelligent Cluster Forum, associate dean of University of Albany James Randy Moulic said “solid target market and knowledge about case of use are very important” before starting AI business. He added “to success, build solid algorithm,data, and develop new idea would be the key point.”

Professor Moulic also added, “Those who apply AI will have many strategies and pathways to solidify their position in the AI market, but collective experience requires success to define and develop a comprehensive strategy and action plan.”

Experts claim that the most pressing issue is training human resources.

Professor of GIST AI Graduate School Kim Jong-won said “AI will be regular tool of solving problem.” Also associate dean professor of KAIST Jung Song said “not only deep learning researchers but people who will use such technology are also important,” and emphasized “when the government, schools, businesses, connect to secure talented persons, Korea will have persons who will lead the future AI industry."

Professor Jung warns it should not only aim at quantitative expansion by urgently expending AI talent.

He said, “in Korea, AI graduate schools are distributed in major universities, and the goal is to produce the best talents to lead the domestic AI policy and education. You should also look for strategies to invest heavily.”

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