PINGTECH dreams of leaping to AI table tennis market
PINGTECH dreams of leaping to AI table tennis market
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Developed table tennis equipments based on IoT
CEO Kim accelerates to develop new AI products
PINGTECH's Chorei swing racket. This racket is developed based upon IoT technology. ©AI타임스
PINGTECH's 'Chorei swing racket'. This racket is developed based upon IoT technology. ©AI타임스


(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) PINGTECH is founded in 2016, develops IoT based training devices and software for table tennis. With its’ patented technology, it has launched table tennis products such as ‘Chorei sub trainer’, ‘Chorei swing racket’ and ‘Chorei spin ball’.

Chorei is a chant meaning “One more, good ball!” from Chinese tennis players. Spreaded by Chinese players at international games but now it has become one of the key words in the table tennis field.

In table tennis, serve is the first attack to start the game. It is an important skill because it determines 80% of wins and loses. PINGTECH’s ‘Chorei sub trainer’ is a device to practice serve by detecting the amount of impact from the table tennis ball. This device would change environment of training and performance into fun and more systemically.

PINGTECH's 'Chorei sub trainer'. ©AI타임스
PINGTECH's 'Chorei sub trainer'. ©AI타임스


PINGTECH’s ‘Chorei swing racket’ can control weight. This training racket which is made of IoT technology analyzes swing speed and daily training amount. By measuring the number of swing training and evaluation, trainers could improve their skills. Also PINGTECH has released a smart phone application so players can practice alone,

PINGTECH’s CEO Kim Sang-kyeong is seeking to enter overseas markets in China and Japan. Based on 30 years of abundant experiences in table tennis field, he wants to develop products that reflect customers' needs.

The current AI-based product is ‘Rubber recognition software’ through neural network algorithms. Kim expects PINGTECH will grow into a prominent company in the ‘AI table tennis market’ by developing ‘AI table tennis robots’

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