The Yeosu Yi Sun-sin Library’s Robot is Receiving Great Fame
The Yeosu Yi Sun-sin Library’s Robot is Receiving Great Fame
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After a month of opening, visitors are more than 100,000
The Book Inspection Robot organizes correctly than human
Other state-of-the-art technologies can be experienced
Outside of The Yeosu Yi Sun-sin Library. ©AI타임스
The Yeosu Yi Sun-sin Library. ©AI타임스

(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) It has been a month when The Yeosu Yi Sun-sin Library has opened, now the popularity among citizens is increasing with the number of visitors surpassing more than 100,000. The library has been critically acclaimed as ‘futuristic’ because it’s been melted into various technologies which are part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

According to the city authorities on the 31st, the library opened in last December with spending $16,750,000 from the government expenditure and other construction expenses. The area is 5,622m²/60,514ft² with total five stories – it is the largest library in the south-eastern Jeolla Province.

The name of the library Yi Sun-sin, describes the historical relationship of the admiral Yi and Yeosu City. During the Iimjin War(1592-1598) he brought victories against the Japanese navy in Yeosu. His loyalty to his country is highly respected by modern Koreans. From the early days of the library’s opening, it was crowded by many Yeosu citizens to see the Coding Robot, the Book Inspection Robot, and 3D Printer.

Especially the Book Inspection Robot, which is based on the artificial intelligence algorithm, has been gaining huge popularity from citizens. The robot finds books from wrong places, organizes and put onto the right shelves. It is connected through the internal network, human employees can check in real-time whether it’s doing job correctly or not. This robot takes less than six hours to organize about 50,000 books. Also sensors installed in robots detect the movement of people; it prevents the robot from crashing itself.

The Book Inspection Robot. ©AI타임스
The Book Inspection Robot. ©AI타임스

On the first floor, Yi Sun-sin Lar·chive·um is located. Lar·chive·um is a combination word of library, archive, and museum. There are Admirial Yi’s war diary called Nanjung Iigi’s translated version displayed, and a facility to control the Turtle Ship by looking at the screen. The Turtle Ship is one of Yi's greatest accomplishments during the wartime in 16th-century. Throughout large screen, people can read Nanjung Iigi’s explanatory.

People can experience the Coding Robot and 3D Printers in Sang-Sang Studio(creative imagination studio) on the second floor. Inside the Digital Aquarium, various marine lives through the 55-inch multi-display can be seen.

Yi Sun-sin Lar·chive·um. ©AI타임스
Yi Sun-sin Lar·chive·um. ©AI타임스

Visitors can meet Yi Sun-sin’s archives and thousands related books and other general type of books on the third floor. The fourth floor fills with study rooms, group discussion rooms and offices. The library also preemptively built Book Drive-Thru which allows visitors to borrow or return books from inside their cars.

Coding Robot. ©AI타임스
Coding Robot. ©AI타임스

Ms. Yu Mi-sook, one of the regular visitors told, “I come here every other day. They built the place as great environment to read and I think I will use here more often in the future as there are a lot of new technologies”

Yi Kyung-hwan, the librarian said, “With the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, we constructed this space for Yeosu citizens to use more conveniently. I hope more and more people will come and use it”

The Yeosu city government plans to turn the Yi Sun-sin Library into a landmark of the city.

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