Protect yourself from Coronavirus with ‘Plu Hand Sanitizers’
Protect yourself from Coronavirus with ‘Plu Hand Sanitizers’
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By the influence of the virus crisis, ‘plu’ sanitizer is in the limelight
Five types of 'plu' sanitizers. ©AI타임스
The 'plu' hand sanitizers

The outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus has led to a nationwide sell-out of ‘plu hand sanitizers’ in S. Korea.

The spokesperson of ‘plu’ says, “The reason why demand of our sanitizers are increasing is because of its’ effectiveness” The transmission route is where people’s hands touch mostly such as chairs and public transportation handles; “plu sanitizers are so useful during the daytime” he added.

‘Plu hand sanitizer’ is a product that effectively removes harmful germs in hands that can cause various diseases or infections.

The only 1oz pocket size allows users to easily disinfect; helps to clean hands without washing them.

This product is certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea, contains natural glycerine and aloe vera gel that would moisturizes the skin and prevent from dryness after disinfection.

It has finished dermatologist experiments, and professional scent tester expert added a blend of diverse aroma to each different bottles to reduce smell of alcohol.

Currently, the official ‘plu’ web site is processing an event to offer customers free portable cases when purchasing the sanitizers. And the company has reduced the price of the products.

The spokesperson said, “We are making full efforts to supply our products to help the Korean government countermeasure plan to coronavirus spread” Also he added, “We suggest precautions to customers against the virus infection such as wear masks and wash their hands”

Plu hand sanitizers are manufactured at Zivon Cosmetics, the company that certified by ISO(International Organization for Standardization) 22716 and CGMP(Current Good Manufacturing Practice).

The 'plu' hand sanitizers. ©AI타임스
The 'plu' hand sanitizers


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