Interview of South Korean alpinist Kim Hong Bin
Interview of South Korean alpinist Kim Hong Bin
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Q. What made you to hike continuously?

A. I guess it sits with me well. 
I felt amused to overcome difficulties like set up tents, cooking in the mountains etc. 
which a lot of people don’t enjoy to do. 
And I loved to hear my friends’ hiking episodes, I had to hike if I wanted to hang out with them. 
After I’ve become a professional hiker, mountains captured my heart.

Q. How did you get over from the accident?

A. I started thinking like, it is because of myself.
I am the one who wanted to hike, there’s no one to blame. 
So I decided to let it go. I was hospitalized for three months and came back to Korea. 
After a month, I still had wound dressings, but departed to hike and that gave me courage. 
Most hikers would go to 8,000m with a large group but I went alone mostly. 
That processes enlightened me more. I’ve never thought that I won’t be able to cross the barriers. 
You have to go through a difficult process to get over the barriers. 
If you plan a harder climb, you will find there is nowhere to back down.   

Q. Message of hope for youth generations.

A. You have to do what you can do well. 
You need to sweat out to get physical and mental health. 
Every step you take creates confidence that you can cross the wall. 
I want to tell teenagers that if they don't give up on a difficult path, they can go on their dreams. 
But most of them give up with their hearts easily. 
Endless challenge to your destination is the key to staying healthy. 

Q. Message to viewers.

A. I wish everyone good health and happiness. 
As I worked hard to prepare, I’ve been climbing 14 peaks in 8,000 meters. 
If you prepare well for your future, you will never miss the chance.

Good Luck and God Bless You!!  


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