How Many Would Trust AI More than Their Human Managers?
How Many Would Trust AI More than Their Human Managers?
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A Survey on AI at Work in 10 Countries in the World
Suggestions for Management of Employees in the AI Era
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(AI타임스=박혜섭 기자) Oracle, an American computer technology corporation and Future Workplace, a research firm announced their cooperated survey results of its “AI at Work” on 16th. The survey, which was conducted across 10 countries including the U.S., China and Japan, provides an insight situation of AI adoption and its perception in each countries.

According to the survey, 50% of respondents answered ‘yes’ that they are currently using some form of AI at work compared to only 32 percent last year. India topped the list with 78 percent, followed by China and the United Arab Emirates were 77 percent and 62 percent. Japan was the lowest among the ten countries with only 29%.

Security (31%) and privacy issues (30%) were cited as factors preventing the AI adoption to work. In addition, 21% of respondents thought ‘not much’ that AI prevents their works’ security or privacy.

The majority 65% of workers answered they are excited and grateful about having robot co-workers. About effects after the AI adoption, 46% said they have increased free time and 36% said they could learn new technologies.

The increasing adoption of AI at work is having a significant impact on the interaction between employees and managers. 64% said they trust the robot more than their managers.

In particular, 89% of respondents in India said they trusted robots more than their managers, while 76 percent said the same in Japan. Also 82% of the people answered that robots work better than their human managers.

When asked what robots can do better than their managers, survey respondents said robots are better at providing unbiased information (26%), maintaining work schedules (34%), and problem solving (29%). Respondents said managers understand their feelings (45%), coach workers (33%) and create a work culture (29%) better than robots.

In order for managers to coexist with AI in the future, they will need to provide emotional support such as maintaining motivation for their employees, not only planning or managing the process.

The survey was conducted on 10 countries around the world in the July 2-August 9 period, with 8,370 full-time workers aged 18-74, by marketing research firm Savanta.

/written by Hye-sub Park

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